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Quality healthcare comes only with commitment. A commitment to serve patients and ensure their well being and recovery in the shortest possible time. Choosing the right hospital for your medical needs is always a difficult choice for a patient or guardian. Indus has gained an enviable reputation of delivering quality healthcare solutions which are available to all sections of the society. Indus Hospitals believes that a human touch to healthcare is the key differentiator which makes patients feel comfortable and recover faster from their ailments.

Chairman’s Message:

I extend a warm welcome to all the visitors who have visited our website. I had the vision of establishing Indus Hospitals to provide quality healthcare services for the population of visakhpatnam and adjacent areas and meet their growing medical needs. At Indus Hospitals, we continue to set new standards of patient treatment quality which could only be achieved by world class infrastructure and skilled medical expertise of highly talented doctors. We have carefully chosen our staff who have not only an excellent professional record but also a true desire to care and enhance patient well being at all times. Indus Hospitals has been constantly expanding to meet the diverse needs of patients across various specialities. Our latest addition has been the setting up a full fledged Indus Heart Center which provides super speciality heart care to our patients. Our Indus heart center now offers our patients various types of invasive and non invasive cardiac surgeries which are highly advanced and require specialized equipment and infrastructure which was available only in a few select hopsitals in the country. Our attention to detail and a high standard of facility management ensures a very high success ratio in the surgeries which are performed at the Indus Heart Center. With a view towards the future, Indus Hospitals has been procuring the latest equipment and medical technology from around the world which includes the world famous Siemens Artis ZEE cath lab equipment which is the reference standard for cardiac imaging and care. Indus Hospitals is committed to deliver patient satisfaction on all fronts through the integration of sound management, advanced infrastructure and above all a strong will to deliver the best patient experience at all times.


To become a leader in the healthcare segment and add value to our patients, doctors and employees through constant innovation and service enhancement.


To provide quality medical services to all patients and delivermedical services to all patients and delive international treatment standards in India.

Quality Policy:

Indus hospitals is committed to total patient satisfaction by rendering high degree of quality care, professionalism and human ethics through effective internal process controls, empowerment of individuals, leading to service reliabilty and effective performance to meet the growing future needs of the patients.